Fitting Instructions

  • Remove packaging and recycle
  • Clean toilet making sure the inside of the toilet pan is dry and free from any debris
  • Place retaining clip to the front edge of the toilet rim
  • Extend adjustable stem so that the oval cage sits between 2 & 10 cm (1 & 4 inches) above the front of the water line (See picture below)
  • Push sucker firmly into place. If the sucker slides, then this is due to the toilet pan being too wet and will need drying before reapplying
  • You are now ready to use the toilet without always having to flush
  • No need to change cleaning products or regime


Toilet paper can still be used, but lets be sensible. If 7 people have used the toilet it might need a flush next time round. Usually, once the toilet is used for anything other than urine, it's flushed and resets the toilet free of paper.

Important; If you are receiving medical treatment and/or have been advised by your doctor to flush every time you use the toilet, then you must continue to do so.

Store in a cool dry place. To avoid blockages, do not flush cage down the toilet. Use only as directed. Safe to use with septic tanks and all other toilets.